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Make Your First Impression Count!

New visitors make a decision about your website within 3 seconds… 3 seconds(!) to determine if they like your site or not, and if they’ll stay or if they’ll leave. In the eyes of your visitors, their perceived quality of your brand and your products and services is only as good as the website that you use to showcase it.

We know that 94% of first impressions of a website are formed from your web design – with only 6% of first impressions formed your the content. In other words, if your current web or blog design is less than awesome, 94% of your new visitors might not ever return – This is huge!

 A visually stunning and professional web presence increases engagement, trust, brand loyalty and conversions. This is how powerful the right design for your website or blog can be for your brand.

About Us

We help creative and passionate entrepreneurs succeed online through powerful web design, so you can leverage your blog or biz to create the live you love!

Figuring out how to launch, design and publish your blog or business online is no easy task. It can be complicated, overwhelming and frustrating to say the least.

Ready to get started? Great!

That’s why we’ve developed a series of creative processes and resources including web design kits and deluxe set up services to help women succeed online by creating a visually stunning and professional web presence, all without tearing your hair out!


Founder & Web Designer, Sugar+Code


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