A perfect day for enjoying our reading nook! (I’m reading _Chilling Effect_ which was described to me as “Firefly, but Mal is a woman and River is a bunch of cats” and it’s freaking delightful.

ironically i’ve started this #mbnov post twice before but lost it due to my inability to concentrate. 😜

It’s been a dreary summer in my head, but I’m desperately hopeful that the next few months bring a better state of mind (and a better state of things). #mbnov

Where did summer go?

Work has been extra extra lately and I’m trying (and mostly failing) to get into a better routine which encompasses all the things I want to touch in a day.

I’ve heard several people mention a sense of waiting for summer to come and realizing it is almost gone. I count myself among them. The early rain here in Austin lends to that and I can’t quite figure out what season I’m supposed to be feeling.

But I’ve got my personal laptop back from the computer doctor and I’m not on-call for work for another few months, so maybe we’ll meet here again before another month passes.

Feast or Famine

That’s how it goes around here. If I don’t commit to daily (or at least scheduled) postings, it is far too easy to let the days get away from me. Especially when there is still not much to report.

This week, on top of keeping up with my daily Artist’s pages, I’ve felt very motivated to declutter more and more. In thinking more about who I am and how I want to grow and where I want to be, there is just a lot of stuff that doesn’t play any role in that. Nor does it spark joy or bring value or whatever other criteria I tried applying.

There’s still plenty to go but I’m feeling lighter and it’s nice to feel the space in my surroundings translate into the feeling of lightness and space in my brain.

An Artist

Not only did I start a thing this week, I joined a group with all other females and made a commitment to finish this time. This is so far out of my comfort zone on multiple levels, but it’s overdue.

4-Day Weekend

picture of the sunset

I’m off work for a much needed extra-long weekend. I have visions of home projects and kiddie pool splashing, mid day napping and books with actual pages reading.


Everyone has pets that actually belong to your neighbors but you’re attuned to their schedule and plan your walks around? Right? (I missed the up-close shot because I was too busy giving them good boy pats)

Do you also keep the flyer for a neighbor’s lost cat on your console table and give it pets and well-wishes all day? Okay good, cause same. (send skittish Bane some come home thoughts please)

The More of Less

I’m reading again, which is what I want to be doing. I turned on the Screen Time tracking on my phone recently and it’s just sad. So I’m changing it.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. – Carl Jung