a few glasses of wine and a few episodes of True Blood and my southern comes out real strong 😂

thank you whiskey and Counting Crowd for my deep dive into the light reflection optics of the color grey

I’m the kind of weird that just did 45 minutes on the treadmill listening to the same song on repeat

(it was Woman Woman by AWOLNATION – no shame!)

🎥 Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss: weird and cringey, but also charming and fantastic!

I sort of mean to post more frequently and thought that starting in December would be less pressure and more interesting than waiting until January. So here we are. It was a #9 rubber duck kind of day, but I got in my scheduled run and I finished this post, so that’s not nothing.

A perfect day for enjoying our reading nook! (I’m reading _Chilling Effect_ which was described to me as “Firefly, but Mal is a woman and River is a bunch of cats” and it’s freaking delightful.

ironically i’ve started this #mbnov post twice before but lost it due to my inability to concentrate. 😜

It’s been a dreary summer in my head, but I’m desperately hopeful that the next few months bring a better state of mind (and a better state of things). #mbnov

I’m really annoyed that I can’t be the kind of person who can listen to new music while working. Guess I’ll listen through the new PUP album at lunch!