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Consuming is so much easier than creating.

I’m working on reducing my consumption (of social media, at least) but I haven’t really implemented any creation to take its place yet. I have at least been better about replacing with more intentional consumption and reading on my kindle instead of my iphone (baby steps to unbreak my brain).

We’re simultaneously solidifying and coming to terms with our plans to move out of state and work towards early retirement. I have ~feelings, not just because we’ll moving back into my late mom’s house, but also just moving “back home” still feels like a failure to my ego, even though it is much more a well-thought-out plan. Even though we plan to be ready to start the move some time in August, it feels so far away and I’m having trouble sitting with the uncertainty of it all. Probably if I would get off my rear and do some of the actual steps we need to do (looking up deeds, investigating contractors, etc) it might suddenly seem really close?

In semi-related news to the aforementioned doing things, upon realizing that Omnifocus now has an inclusive subscription model, I downloaded Omnifocus this week and have been enjoying it quite a bit again. Whether it’s just the fun of new a toy tool, or the fog of the languishing finally lifting since I’ve gotten my second jab, I can’t say – but I’m enjoying it. And it inspired me to make this post, even if it was solely just to clear the overdue marker for this on lovely to do I made myself.

a screengrab of an overdue to do item that says "fucking post something"

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