A Fresh Start

Something that I have embraced worked on embracing this past year is that “change comes, no matter how hard you dig in your heels.”  And trust me, I had dug in my heels.  But since I let go of holding the reigns so tight, so much has opened up for me.

I recently accepted a new role at Twilio, and I am so excited about the company itself,  everything there is to learn, and all the ways there will be for me to grow!  Having been in a myriad of roles at the same company for almost 9 years, this is a huge crazy change.  I’m still in the early onboarding stages, but I can already see the amazing culture they have cultivated.

In the back of my mind, as all this change has been percolating, I have been thinking of restarting my personal blog, with actual thoughts and posts and not just asides, and I’m very excited to see that there seems to be a trend of re-emerging old names and faces from the old blogging world into the this new cycle.  I’m loving the community over at micro.blog

I’m not sure what all I will talk about here: tools, Twilio, what I’m learning, what I find challenging, life in general, pictures of my mundane life.

Cheers to all the change.

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