Trillian Nickname Notifier

If you are using Trillian, you can easily set up a sound or an alert to trigger when someone says your name, nickname or other word in a message or IRC chat.

  • To set this up, first go to Trillian > Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Automation.
  • In the bottom right-hand corner, click “Add” and then select “Text Matching”


  • Type your preferred name into the box.
  • If the name you want to trigger the notification matches your usual Trillian nickname, make sure to select “Message Only.”
  • Choose any other options you’d like, including highlighting.
  • At the bottom of the ‘Edit Entry’ box, select the box next to “Generate Event” and create a unique/descriptive name. Click Add Event.
  • Go back to the top of this window and click ‘Save’ next to your name.
  • Under the Advanced Preferences screen, now look for your newly created event, which will look like “User: [Your Event Name]”


  • Click on the change button and then configure the Event you’d like to trigger.
  • You can set up multiple alert types for a single name, or a new word-matching alert by simply repeating the steps.

This is the setup and result of setting an Alert Window event.

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