My Current Firefox Extentions

I enjoy reading others’ lists of extensions, so here’s mine. Added bonus of being an easy reference point for myself.

  • Tiny Menu – compacts your Menu Bar to a single dropdown. Adds browser real-estate for more add-ons.
  • Web Developer – this is an absolutely necessity when you troubleshoot weblogs for a living.
  • Firebug – another essential for development and design troubleshooting. More powerful than Web Dev, but less friendly, imho.
  • Linkification – turn non-linked links into links. (say that a few times fast)
  • Fox Clocks – I completely suck at timezone conversion. This lets me see multiple timezones on mouseover.
  • Menu Editor – especially useful if you use your right-click menu religiously and it’s starting to get a little scary in there.
  • Resurrect Pages – does just what it says. When a page isn’t available, this gives you the option to try a cached version from your choice of sources.
  • Tab Mix Plus – I assume there are people who use Firefox without this extension. I want to send them sympathy cards.
  • Greasemonkey – the #1 can’t-live-without extension. Change a page, change every page. So much love.

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